History is a mystery that helps us to keep in touch with the stream of time. Events in time and those that are timeless are documented in its pages faithfully with an air of external freshness and novelty.

On the way of building St. George Sunday School, we gratefully thank the Head Masters who led us in such a great manner. They are:

1. Smt. Baby Varghese
2. Mr. M. G. Poulose
3. Mrs. Annamma
4. Mr. M. S. Mathew
5. Mr. M. T. Kurian
6. Mr. P. S. Abraham
7. Dr. John Zachariah
8. Mr. Biju O.K.

We are also thankful to the former Vicars who served as President of St.George Sunday School during their tenure as vicars. Presently Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Abraham is serving as the President.


We conduct the classes with a view of securing all round development of students on the basis of spirituality. Students are given practices in elocution, quiz, singing and knowledge about Christianity and our church. Children are given opportunities to practice values by contribution to “ Jeeva – Karunyam’ which is used for the needy. More over , we wish to mould an ideal character in each every student.

We thankfully remember all those people who helped on Sunday school. (We also wish to provide a better service in future.)

How can you Help us……

1. Prayer: Remember our Sunday School in your daily prayers.
2. Contributing time: As a teacher or a resource person who take general classes
3. Financial help: ‘Jeeva Karunya Dinam’ (contribution to needy) , Sunday School day collection (for our day to day expenses)

We thank god almighty for all the miracles and blessings that has been showed on the students especially on the Sunday School of St. George Orthodox Cathedral, for all these year constant support.

We also seek the intercessory prayers of St. Mary the Mother of God, St. Thomas, St. George and all the saints of Malankara Orthodox Church namely St. Gregorious of Parumala and St. Dinesious Divannasious Vattasseriyil.

Mr. Biju O K is now serving as Kozhikode District Sunday School Secretary.


OFFICE BEARERS:  2019 – 2020

President       :    Fr. Kuriakose Abraham

H.M                :    Mrs. Estymol Santosh

        Deputy H.M  :    Mrs. Tiney Zachariah


         Biju O K

         Kunjumol Chandy

         Sali Saju

         Soly Sabu

         Linda Jacob

         Tiny Scaria

         Jincy Edison

         Reena Saji

         Remi Manoj

         Binu Aji

         George M.V